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Tonight, I am running around the kitchen like a madwoman trying to get dinner out on the table. Hair in a messy bun, glasses haphazard on my head, pj bottoms, an Eisley tee and slippered feet. Hubs watches me as I go by and I can feel his stare. I turn on my heels and say...."What?" and he tells me simply put, 'You are stunning.' If there are any men out there on Pinterest, know that this NEVER GETS OLD! ;)


I saw him with his friends and he pointed in my direction. Like, i doubt he was talking about me. Cuz thatd be crazy,right?


YASSSS!!! not some insecure manipulator whose main goal in life is to use women for what he needs!


❤Yes God did, I prayed for you to be in my life, I prayed that he would put the right man not.only in my life but my daughter's as well! ❤