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  • Sabina Hoffman

    Parent Volunteer Form, change wording and handout at first meeting. This promotes parental involvement and would be great for the grades where you don't have a TA.

  • Stephanie Barker

    Parent volunteer form. Talk to AP first, but worth getting started on thinking of how to get parents involved and work as a community (or a village) to raise their child. Not all applicable, but it's a start. Great to fill out during Open House or the beginning of the school year.

  • Karla Schoofs

    Ideas Of School Volunteers | Classroom Freebies Too: Parent Volunteer Form

  • Alison Falenschek

    Parent Volunteer Form if I teach elementary some day.....

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ask parents how they would most like to volunteer! (and tons of other good forms for the first days of school through the link.)

$0 Classroom Volunteer Form for Parents

Parent Volunteer Form from our File Exchange!

parent volunteers----- great for the type A (a.k.a. OCD) teachers like me! Her blog also has a great idea for a lunch bucket with supplies so kids don't have to ask the teacher about opening stuff, etc.

You Might be a First Grader...: Parent Volunteer Form

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Classroom Freebies Too: Updated Volunteer Form --WOULD BE GREAT TO REWORD A BIT AND USE FOR SCOUTS OR A CLUB

Great way to get better info on parent volunteers and what they are really interested in helping with

A great pack to get you ready for Back to School. Forms included are: Parent/Teacher Conversations Student Conversations Volunteer Form Student Information My First Week Form **Some of these forms are better for Kindergarten, but others are general so use what works for you!

volunteer form -- hand out on parent night