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This scene got me. To finally see Yang having a good time, laughing again even, and then when Taiyang said this and I was like "O.O WHAT" for a few horrified heartbeats and then she laughed and joked back and the relief was like a hot air balloon just rising up, just whew!

We just got a letter, we just got a letter! Great, now I have that song stuck in my head XD

Pff, who wants to hang out and have a life when you can cry yourself to sleep? Qwq

Repin if you read it in the guys voice

I remember both those shows. I have a feeling in 25 years they will be lost in time. Sadly.

I have a momfriend and she is the reason I can survive school somehow. But I am not a momfriend and not a sisterfriend. I am much like a daughterfriend who needs a momfriend to survive and care about her because alone she would just die immediately.