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    Jotunheimen in Norway with Scandinavia and North Europe's highest mountain in the middle Galdhøpiggen (File:GaldhøpiggenFromFannaråki.jpg)

    Lom, Oppland Fylke, Norway

    Aurora lights ~ Northern Norway

    The mountain Snøhetta is the crown on the roof of norway. Wide and majestetic it shows itself for the travellers. With its 2.286 MASL, it's the highest mountain in Norway beside the tops of Jotunheimen. The view from Snøhetta is magnifficent. The west-top is the lowest of the four peaks of Snøhetta, where all are above 2.200 metres. It is located on the Dovre plateau in Oppland county, where there is an abundance of wildlife including musk ox and reindeer. www.rondane-dovre...

    Northern Lights - Norway

    Tromso, Norway. Unbelievable views surrounding the city.

    Northern Norway

    Northern Lights in Norway..

    Northern Norway: Tromso




    Høyvika", Andøy in northern Norway

    Jotunheimen a beautiful national park in Norway. With Norway's highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen. A Jotun is a kind of troll, so Jotunheimen means home of the trolls. Norway.



    Trollstigen road, Rauma Municipality, Norway

    Norway - Store Skagastølstind on way up the Sognefjell mountain road framed by harsh peaks and mighty glaciers of Jotunheimen. It is the highest one in Northern Europe, reaching 1434m, connecting Gaupne and Lom. In the background, one can see the cloudcovered mountains of Hurrungane with the Store Skagastølstind.

    View over the Nærøyfjord, Norway