Andy's secrets ~ Parks and Recreation

i love parks and recs

Parks and Recreation


You can have fun everywhere with him: | 26 Reasons You Should Wish Your Best Friend Was Andy Dwyer From "Parks And Recreation"

TV / daniel radcliffe / ellen degeneres .... Just be honest whats wrong with you!

*slow claps* This kid is awesome


I think I just died!


"I'm so glad this man is guarding our galaxy." Chris Pratt, before Guardians of the Galaxy. In a fluffy pink tiara.

(Parks and Recreation)


I would never get in a car with Andy Dwyer.

Parks and Recreation

And the firm’s undying love for him despite his departures. | 28 Of The Best Running Jokes On "Parks And Recreation"

(Parks and Recreation)

Parks and Recreation Season Four Episode 3: Born and Raised. "I wonder who else was born in Eagleton...Voldemort probably."

Funny.. Ron

the 15 best ron swanson gifs-- this makes my heart happy.