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  • Jenny Isom

    Clothespin doll craft idea- clothespin

  • Anna Marie Cruz

    Christmas Craft Project – Mr. and Mrs. Claus Clothespin Doll Handmade Ornaments

  • Gayle Minkus

    Felt Christmas ornaments Have to dig out those clothes pins I bought 15 yrs ago...

  • BJ Riordan

    Clothespin Handcrafted ornaments not only add a personal touch to a Christmas tree, but also make wonderful gifts -- and even the most utilitarian materials can be used to create them. Martha Stewart Living segment producer Lenore Welby has been making these playful doll ornaments out of old-fashioned wooden clothespins for years. To dress the dolls, use our templates to cut clothing from fabrics that don't require hemming, such as lace and felt; bits of ribbon and small beads can be used to accessorize. Tools and Materials Clothespin doll ornaments template Clothespin (the kind without springs; craft clothespins work best) Acrylic paint in several colors, including flesh Extra-fine permanent marker Awl 1/2-inch screw eye Material for clothing, such as felt, lace, ribbon, and beads Scissors Cotton balls Craft glue Clothespin Ornaments How-To 1. Download and print clothespin ornaments template. Paint clothespin: Paint the head flesh color, and paint the hair. Paint the body to coordinate with the clothing you'll be adding (the templates don't include pants patterns, so paint pants on). Paint shoes on the feet (unless the template you're using includes shoes). Let dry, approximately 5 minutes. 2. Draw facial features on the head with marker. 3. Working carefully, use the awl to make a hole in the top of the head. Screw in a 1/2-inch screw eye. 4. Use the templates to cut material into doll clothing. To attach clothing, first dab glue onto doll, then wrap clothing around doll. Trim excess. (Specific instructions are included on templates.) For Mrs. Claus's bun, glue a portion of a cotton ball to the back of her head. Glue on ribbon for decoration or beads for buttons, if desired. 5. Cut arms from a double thickness of felt, matching the color of the felt to that of the doll's clothing: Glue two pieces of felt together, and let glue dry. Cut out two arms per doll, and attach arms after doll is dressed. 6. Thread a length of ribbon through the screw eye for hanging. Resources The wool felt used in this segment can be found at Magic Cabin.

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Neat idea for coworkers, or possible use on wreaths

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Though this is Santa, I can see making a nativity with this pattern. Wooden clothespins, wooden ball, yarn, felt, pipecleaners

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