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I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at. All I know is that it makes me uncomfortable and I want it on my door.

Jar-o'-Lanterns Paint jars in pumpkin colors with oil-based enamel paint and give them funny faces. How to Make Jar-o'-Lanterns

Pumpkin poop---just add cheese balls...HOW FUNNY! :)

Mmmmm, halloween treats. I think I would fill mine with M's! How about you?

I want to make a scarecrow and put it on the porch!

dang martha stewart... she's got some brains in her operation.. this is TOO cute!

Pop goes the Pumpkin! We can make this one for the 6 and up kids. Fill them up with tickets or candy and/or confetti, etc. Supposed to use T pins or darts .... not sure if we trust them with darts? =)

balloons hovers near the refreshment table. The simple features are drawn onto the inflated balloons with permanent marker

Decoupage....Trace lawn-gathered leaves onto orange, yellow, and dark red tissue paper; cut tracings out, and stick them to pumpkin using decoupage glue. With a flat-head bristle brush, push from leaves' outer edges toward the centers to pucker paper slightly and create "veins"; let dry. Brush a thin layer of glue over pumpkin