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What began as a tiny blemish of a storm in 2010 has created a vast, 9000-mile storm spanning across Saturn's entire hemisphere.

Saturn Storm - Tantalizing Panoramas

Saturn Storm - Tantalizing Panoramas

Enceladus - One of Saturn's Moons (Recently Discovered Vast Ocean Under Thick Layers Of Its Ice)

In early 2011 Cassini took several high-resolution panoramas along the enormous storm that had developed in Saturn's northern hemisphere. The storm is larger than the surface area of the entire Earth!

Our entire composition comes from the cosmic dust of exploding stars. You are literally the stuff of stars...

Backlit Saturn - Seen from the Cassini SpacecraftThe Cassini spacecraft was sent by NASA and ESA to study Saturn and its moons. Two of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus and Tethys, appear in the bottom right of this image. So far, the spacecraft has found new storm systems on Saturn, active geysers on its moon Enceladus, liquid oceans on its moon Titan, and many other unexpected discoveries. Due to its elliptical orbit, Cassini is occasionally able to catch beautyful images of saturn backlit by our…

NASA's Cassini spacecraft captures a composite near-true-color view of the huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn's northern hemisphere.