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Motorized turtle

Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles. Because, baby ninjas that are also turtles. You can't beat this combination of awesomeness.

RAWR!! :)

This Photo Will Change Your Life: Micro-Piglet Hugs a Strawberry


Everybody needs a little friend

Cutest little thing ever!! Baby Polar Bear!


Baby African Elephant. #endangered #african #elephants #babies #animals #wildlife

baby owl. NO FRICKING WAY. Cutest thing ever.

awww looks like my Little Bear when she was a baby!

Turtles on skateboards...couldn't get any cooler THOSE ARE MINI TURTLES ON TECH DECKS!!!! ERMERGERD!!!!


Turtle turtle

Baby turtles

Baby sea turtles

Baby Sea Turtle :)

I love little painted turtles, so cute when I was a little girl, they use to sell them at Woolworths. I wanted one so badly. yes, technically they are an amphibian but they're cute enough to be an