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A fundamental principle! Read more at www.birthmonopoly...

Why Are We Asking Doctors if Women Should Have Midwives? - See more at:

So…why are YOU Improving Birth? Tell us! What gets you excited about this cause? Join our photo project: rallytoimprovebir... #imImprovingBirth

Why are YOU improving birth? Join our photo project! rallytoimprovebir... #imImprovingBirth "I'm improving birth because NO means NO."

Family Centered Cesarean: Immediate skin-to-skin, nursing, and delayed cord clamping

Twitter / CristenPascucci: #truthaboutbirth -- Odds of infant death related to VBAC vs. amniocentesis

"Women need medical care they can trust." Dr. Nick Rubashkin

Doula? What’s a Doula?

"I will tell  you that I am now the spokesperson for doulas. If you could have a personal, private labor coach that helped you to implement your birth plan, kept the hospital personnel on track (or at bay, if that’s what you needed), kept your pain levels down, utilizing natural methods – visualization, massage, quiet coaching, positioning, breathing instruction, even aromatherapy – and acted as a liaison between you and the delivery personnel, why would you do it any other way?"

"When our medical and legal systems join forces against women and their autonomy, what follows is the systematic undermining of women’s ability to protect themselves and the babies they carry."

We believe that women should be treated with kindness and respect in childbirth

Women deserve respect for themselves and their choices in maternity care. It is the hallmark of a system that prioritizes the health and well-being of moms and babies. Please join us in our second year as we work towards making that system a reality. -- celebrates its first birthday this month!

A Healthy Baby Isn't All That Matters

Ky. Voices: Doctors often push for risky births. Often, C-Sections, labor inductions encouraged for their convenience. By Cristen Pascucci and Rebecca Dekker.

My Last Post (here) and a New Direction

My birth matters

Routine Vs Evidence Based Maternity Care in U.S.

Percy and Henry

Mother, There Are No Boundaries

Why “The Best Mom on Earth”?

Eye ointment for newborn. MUST READ! The only way for a newborn to contract ON is if the mother is infected with chlamydia or gonorrhea. If the mother does not have chlamydia or gonorrhea, then the newborn cannot catch it. Also, if a baby is born by C-section and if the mom’s water never broke before surgery, then the baby could not contract ON (Medves 2002).

Technology-Free Sundays

Give Me My Baby NOW! Immediate Skin to Skin After Birth

OBs and Midwives: What's the Diff?

You already have all the "equipment" you need to raise a healthy, happy, bright baby.