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Love the color combination! Now I know what to do with my yellow bubble necklace!

[feeling the hot wet pavement with my bare feet after the rain = my childhood.]

I don't often pin pics of "thinsporation" but this is what my goal is. except for the tan, I will never be that tan :)

"inner thigh gap" is not my goal. but these moves look like a good workout.

I know ill miss fall/winter when you get here... But I really want to go to the beach so please don't keep me waiting much longer...💛

6 easy exercises to slim you inner thighs

Little bit of linen for long legs and comfy for summer.. can feel the breeze lounging at the cottage already... :)

Hanging lamp project using jars from wedding. Really annoyed with myself for tossing the lids yesterday as we were going through and packing them up for the trip to VT.