I want that "happily ever after!" :) #quotes #truelove #true #love #story #reallife #fairytale #cute #vintage #chair

The right man for you..

Far from perfect


Be a man

I will......my motto in life is to live with no regrets ღ

More than I can explain. I am ready. I will wait until you are ready. The thought of us together is almost too much for me to imagine. I do dream about little pieces of our life together. I want to hold you. My life would be complete just to be able to hold you all the time. I love you sweetheart. 143

Being a gentleman (or a lady) is purely a matter of choice.

Office saying

Single and fabulous :)

on work

He's Perfect.

Don't be rude

Don't believe everything you think

True life.

no really.

This is very true.