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Pit Bull stereotypes-I love how very happy this pup is. Such a sweet smile.

~Patrick the Pitbull~ The miracle dog.  An emaciated Pit Bull discovered at the bottom of a trash chute in Newark i 2011 moments before the trash compactor would have killed him, has made a miraculous recovery and now weighs a healthy 50 pounds.  Patrick's former owner Kisha Curtis of Newark left him tied to a railing for seven days before someone dumped his seemingly dead body down the trash bin.

[God bless the rescuers of this poor baby] Patrick, the incredible pitbull. Absolutely amazing recovery the first picture broke my heart

Homeless - Yes. Loveless - Never.

Danny a neglected little dog finds happiness with the homeless on the streets of L.A.

Homeless man with his best friend.this picture bring tears to my eyes.how homeless this man is, he has a friend for comfort. and the feeling is mutual.

Love my pitbulls

Love to all you Pittbull moms on the board. very proud to own a loving silly hyper pit! I have a t-shirt that says 'Proud Pitbull Mom'

"Beloved Pit Bull Saves Girl From House Fire, Wins National Hero Dog Award > the girl was hiding under a mattress, the firemen couldn't find her, but the dog did and was pulling on the mattress to get her out!! The large white places you see are what the scars made." people who say pit bulls are evil need to get a reality check

Brave in fire but 'scared of cats': Beloved pit bull who saved girl from house inferno wins National Hero Dog Award

Beloved Pit Bull Saves Girl From House Fire, Wins National Hero Dog Award. And they're having a hard time finding a new apartment because of pit bull bans.

Can't teach an #old #dog new #Jedi mind tricks...

Funny pictures about Corgi-Wan Kenobi. Oh, and cool pics about Corgi-Wan Kenobi. Also, Corgi-Wan Kenobi.

9/11 heroes - Google Search

This firefighter saved this dog from her burning home. He carried her out of the house and into her front yard, then he returned to fight the fire. Animals matter too. We save lives, animal or human.

Loyal ♥ Love // made me cry is what its done...

His Dog Died Of Cancer 2 Weeks Ago. The House Cat’s Reaction Was Heartbreaking. {Not crying! Really though, it's sad the dog died but, at least his not suffering.