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Explore Butt Excersices, Sets 15, and more!

Gluteus Maximus - 2 sets, 15 reps

Squat Challenge

Butt Blaster exercises you can do at home.

Get Lean Legs and a Tight Butt

Want mini-skirt worthy legs? These 12 exercises will tighten and tone your legs from butt to ankles and everything in between. Pick a few moves, or try them all to sculpt your butt, hamstrings, quads, thighs, and calves. You’ll fit into your whatever skin

Drop an Entire Dress Size With This Speedy Strength Workout

hindu squat. work your legs and butt.

Exercises that activate each buttocks muscle : MEDIUS - Jumping Jacks MAXIMUS - Deep Lunges MINIMUS - Squats Honestly, you need NOTHING else to get the butt you dream of, just these three exercises!

Summer Butt Challenge


SQUAT [Camille Leblanc-Bazinet]

The Best Inner-Thigh Exercises of All Time -