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Grace Jones

The Queen of pop music - Grace Jones We couldn’t decide between the smut of ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’, the lyrics of ‘I’m Not Perfect’ and the bassline from ‘Private Life’ Help us decide.

Wiggle it, just a little bit: Grace Jones knows how to make an impression.

Amazing Grace: Watch Grace Jones' astounding hula-hooping Diamond Jubilee gig performance that put celebrities on Twitter in a spin

Grace Jones attending the Sidaction Gala Dinner

Celebs at the Sidaction Gala Dinner 2

Keith Haring & Grace Jones

Keith Haring & Grace Jones -- Keith really knew how to bring out Grace's eccentric beauty!

Andy Warhol, Grace Jones and Keith Haring

Toward the end of his life, Warhol became an avid supporter of the Postmodernist movement and the work of artists Grace Jones and Keith Haring. Can Grace look any more fierce?

“Grace Jones is a question mark followed by an exclamation point.”: The Queer History of Grace Jones

[AIRHORN] Wow, is this a fashion model with a Grace Jones mask?