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  • Donna Rushing

    Unsuccessful People: Have a sense of entitlement; Hold a grudge; Blame others for their failures; Criticize; Watch TV everyday; Say they keep a journal but really don’t; Talk about people; Secretly hope others fail; Horde information and data; Don’t know what they want to be; Exude anger; Fly by their seat of their pants; Never set goals; Think they know it all; Fear change; Take all the credit of their victories; Operate from a transactional perspective. New The Success Indicator

  • Chelc Urse

    True story bra

  • Tarean West

    Also could be "New Year's Resolutions" and "What really happened".

  • Lela Maciolek

    Awesome Quotes: The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

  • George Prince

    Essential Health tips

  • Tim Chavez

    Food for thought