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I declare Abundance!

I Declare, and do it is.

I declare

I believe. I declare

I declare

❤I declare

I declare

I declare

I Declare

I Declare This....

I DECLARE: THIS IS WHO I AM! from, Joel Osteen's Book: 'I Declare'

Declaration of intention for 2014.

I Declare! Joel Osteen


I declare I am blessed - Joel Osteen

Click Here to read and declare that "Today I Am Blessed" and be a blessing to others.

You may be struggling, but keep declaring, "I'm blessed. I'm prosperous. I have the favor of GOD." Every time you say it, you're getting closer to seeing that come to pass.

"'For My hand made all these things, Thus all these things came into being,' declares the LORD. 'BUT TO THIS ONE I WILL LOOK. TO HIM WHO IS HUMBLE and CONTRITE OF SPIRIT, and who trembles at My word," Isaiah 66:2.

"Creativity is subtraction" by Austin Kleon: "One, getting really good at creative work requires a lot of time and attention, and that means cutting a lot of fluff out of your life so that you have that extra time and attention. And two, creativity in our work is often a matter of what we choose to leave out, rather than leave in—what is unspoken vs. spoken, what isn’t shown vs. what is, etc."

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