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    It's called "The Eye of God"...of course, space travel is out of the question...but it's mysterious and peaceful all at once...Jesus! Quit staring at me!

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    The Eye of God...WOW

    Eyes and Nebulas

    The ‘Hand of God’ Nebula.

    This is a cool mixing of an eye and the Helix Nebula together. "Eyes, the windows to life, some are wise to have blinds."

    Nick named "eye of God" nebula. Imagine what the guy thought when he saw this staring back at him thru the telescope!

    National Geographic- it looks like an eye, but it's a Nebula. We are made of this awesome stardust.

    NASA's Kepler mission finds the most Earth-like planets yet...go to the link to see the slide show.

    Your God can't inspire a cure for the common cold, but has control over the formation of this? Gettouttaheeere...

    That insane electrical current was discovered near galaxy 3C303. It's not doing anything that cool ... it's just firing a massive jet of electrified matter 150,000 light-years into outer space. RTh 6 Most Mind-Blowing Things Ever Discovered in Space |

    Have to admit, that's pretty cool

    PrintCollection - Carina Nebula Mountaintop

    Space, the final frontier. Carina Nebula Pillar 28.5x36, $40, now featured on Fab.

    This photo from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shows an ominous pillar of gas and dust known as the Cone Nebula. The image shows the top portion of the nebula that is 2.5 light years in height. The Cone Nebula is 2,500 light-years from Earth in the Monoceros constellation. The red halo of light seen around the pillar is caused when ultraviolet radiation causes hydrogen gas in the nebula to glow.

    Eye of God Nebula

    The Helix nebula, also known as the Eye of God

    Beauty of Orion

    Butterfly nebula

    Horsehead Nebula | The Horsehead Nebula is a cloud of ionized-hydrogen in the constellation Orion. These clouds are lit from within by young, hot stars. The interstellar dust absorbs the light from part of the ionized cloud creating this beautiful contrast.