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DIY Flavored Syrups

If youre like me, you have coffee most mornings to get going. This site offers DIY flavored COFFEE syrups. Its a great way to save some money on something you use every day...which is good if youre looking for a job or simply looking for ways to cut back.

Easy Ways to Preserve Herbs

Keep garden-fresh herbs handy all fall and winter, and leave the store-bought dried herbs on the shelf.

Homemade Herbed Garlic Salt with Lemon

Recipe: Homemade Herbed Garlic Salt with Lemon - This beautiful homemade seasoning salt is overflowing with fresh herbs, flavorful garlic, and zesty lemon peel. You can use this homemade seasoning salt in so many delicious ways, or give it away as a lovely food gift. --The Nourishing Gourmet