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The beauty of feminism is that it's strategic goals includes the betterment for men as well. That in my opinion is how many women think "naturally." Just as I argue there are biological factors to masculinity, I argue the same for feminism. Many women are soft and caring creatures. I say many because the world is not black and white, there are beautiful shades of gray.

Emma Goldman is definitely a huge driving force behind this screenplay. One of history's strongest and most complex women. I seriously heart her and her spirit continues to live on in every revolutionary's soul.

It's hard to believe that there are any radical Muslim feminists since all we seem to see in the media is the oppression and abuse of women in Muslim society

Because we are angry at a society that tells us Girl = Dumb. Girl = Mad. Girl = Weak. #feminism #sociology

#Feminism. I think this is Marilyn as Lillian Russell

We lose the potential gifts and greatness from all those we do not give opportunity to. It is not enough to say someone is equal, society must be constructed to make it so.

Stop Telling Girls To Cover Up. Tell Boys To Control Their Urges.

been thinking about this a lot lately- i'm done trying to convince our society that women are equal- i'm done asking for equal rights- i'm TAKING them now- and i don't give a damn if other people think i do or don't deserve them- I know I do- that's plenty

"Don't let jealousy jeopardize potent ion friendships with other women." WORD! "girls get busy Manifesto" #feminism #equality

Protesters in the 1960s, saying before, what we have to say AGAIN. Why is the concept of women being people so hard for people to accept? I've always felt I was a human beings with rights first, and a women second. I'm continually shocked by backwards people, who are afraid, yes afraid of women. Biddy Craft