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I have a sudden urge to dye my tips pink. It'd be easy enough to cut out if I decide I don't like it. [ colored tips tie dye]

Oh my god!!!! I absolutely love this hair and now i have two hair styles that I love!!!!! But I am in love with this...  Becky Wainscott hehe

This hair is like awesome! i mean i love the length! I love the color at the end! i love how its wavy! I want this!

Homemade Temporary Hair Color for Kids | eHow

Homemade Temporary Hair Color for Kids

Homemade Temporary Hair Color for Kids! Idk if I would want my kids to dye their hair but its a cool idea!


I love the idea of colored hair but haven't been able to find a way that works how I want it with my long hair. This is gorgeous! Beautiful dip dye with brown hair.

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I wish I could make my hair look like the black ribbon do everyday. So pretty. Pretty Simple Wedding Hairstyles Tutorial for Long Hair: Ribbon Half Updo


15 Prom Hair Hacks, Tips and Tricks Inspired By Every Disney Princess

They tested it and it actually worked. Now I just need to find someone patient enough to put my hair into a bunch of tin foil pouches, lol. Pinstrosity: Tin Foil Curls, Myth Foiled or Fantastic cant believe it really works def want to try

Tutoriais - Cabelo


A clean canvas: Blow dry basics - Lots of requests for a very basic blow out. Here’s your step by step! I’ll do one for curly hair and one for fine hair as well. These are the basics steps for anyone with wavy and/or thick hair like Lauren’s.

Treccia fronte

Cute bang braid-Someone needs to teach me how to french braid.