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    #Monkey #Zoo #Animals

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    ~~Baby and other lemurs posing by Tambako the Jaguar~~

    Ring Tailed Lemur, Magagascar

    Emperor Tamarin Monkey

    2 lil monkey cutie pies

    This is the De Brazza's Monkey known as swamp monkeys

    Wolf's Mona (Guenon) Monkey, blue & yellow.

    Javan Lutungs (by Truus & Zoo)

    "Hey Look Guys - Paparazzi" lol Golden Headed #Tamarin #Monkey

    I wanna finger monkey

    Angolan Colobus Monkey Baby

    a sister and younger brother Japanese Macque. Great Capture!


    A baby Chimp is checking out a blue butterfly....which is probably photoshopped, but hey, it's a beautiful picture.

    ♥ monkies!

    langur monkeys. I don't generally like to pin photos of captivated wild animals, but these two have so much humanity and awareness in their eyes, I make an exception.

    Itty bitty baby marmoset...too, too, too cute!