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  • Elizabeth D

    Beautiful Winding Lace Braid (also called a perimeter braid or winding snake braid and waterfall braid)

  • Carol Jahnke

    I can't think of what the name of this is. First, you start at the left side of your head where your crown is. Then you start a regular waterfall braid across. Then when your almost to the other side, you need to let the hair fall as your braiding. Then you are going to continue the waterfall braid using sections of hair that you dropped before. Finally, your going to let the hair gradually fall again and do a french braid, picking up sections from only one side with the pieces you dropped.

  • Giovanni & Mariano Parrucchieri

    Treccia a onda. #capellilunghi #Longhair #hairstyles

  • Koko Pelli

    Long hair style

  • Katelin White

    this BEAUTIFUL "S" Braid. #hairstyle #Hair Style|

  • Christian O'Dell

    beautiful waterfall braid hairstyle

  • Sara Vagts

    Waterfal Braid

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