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    • Anna Guizar

      The hangover - One man wolf pack Stupid Funny the man purse!

    • Zebulun Mattos

      "It's not a man purse..." - Zach Galifianakis

    • Kara Watts

      Pinned because 1) The Hangover is hilarious and 2) at least one of my celebrity boyfriends is fond of man bags.

    • Sarah S

      It's not a man purse, It's a satchel, Indiana jones wears one-- the hangover

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    Congratulations on advertising that you're a drunk whore by checking in to a bar five days a week.

    "Thanks, I'll totally take your advice seriously..." haha

    Ha! if only i could remember to say this to one of my friends when he acts like a dick

    Hahaha...way too funny...wonder how the boss would react if I said that.....minus the darling of course

    They always overstate the landscape.

    You remind me of a smoke detector when you're drunk. You're annoying and won't shut the hell up.

    Ex husbands! Lying pig. You act like I don't know that you are in a relationship and have a baby on the way yet you feel it's appropriate to try to contact me when your drunk? Gettouttaaahereee I haven't talk to you in how long? Oh yeah forever lol

    Never let anything get in the way of your goals or your dreams.

    Famous quotes about not understanding

    'I'd Like To Help' Wall Sign | something special every day

    my dance moves are pretty awesome after 2 glasses of wine...

    My life..

    Paybacks a bitch.


    I disagree with "know you're better", it should be " follow your principles, or your heart". Never feel "better than", understand they are having a problem, and it's about them, not you, have compassion & maybe you could actually help them feel better. It's not about "feeling better than".

    Making fun of someone is how jealous people act. Walking away is how a confident person will react.


    Oh? They were talking shit about me again? Let me file that right between 'I Don't Care' and 'Jealous Much?'

    First Time Mom & Dad: After 35 years I have finally found the cure for my OCD...

    Some days are just like that

    Sorry you had to work late. Don’t worry…I already ate.

    Running late is exercise, right? Thanks Nicole Glosser for finding the humor in me always being late. :-P

    No seriously, thanks for your opinion! I'll put that in the bullshit file.

    "Halie, please schedule a 1:30 meeting tomorrow" "For what?" "In preparation for the meeting on Friday" meetings about meetings ... of course.