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Check out The Best from Best Friend Quotes and Sayings this is so true with my friends you guys know how close we are


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In the dark, wearing no shoes. ~I have done this, in the dark, wearing no shoes, first thing in the morning, carrying coffee. If you have this wished on you, you must have done something B-A-D!

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True story.



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pretend to be normal life quotes funny quotes cute positive quotes quote life positive life quote inspirational inspirational quotes


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High Five, The Faces, Some People, So True, Funny Quotes, Funny Stuff, Highfiv, True Stories, Quotes About Life


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It doesn't matter who likes us. We like us. #friendship #best #friend #quotes

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This makes me think of my best friend Andi. The nursing home would probably move one of us to a different facility because together we'd cause too big a ruckus.

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So true




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#ecards #friendship

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Karma is a bitch!


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#Best #Friendship #Quotes .. Top most beautiful Best Friend Quotes Collection Aweeh this goes for my two besties Jasmine & Denika :)



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Weird together @Stephanie Sternberg

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@Brianne Marie remeber when we promised each other that if we die we will use each others facebooks to creep on people we didnt like

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so true...

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Corner of awesome and Bombdiggity - where I spend my life!

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lmfao!!! @ Stephanie