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Hilarious kid (:



funny quote have you ever listened to someone for a while and wondered who ties your shoelaces for you

Haha this is really funny!


Funny Friendship Ecard: Somewhere, somebody out there is thinking of you, and the tremendous impact you made on their life. It's not me...I think you're an idiot.

Sisters Sisters Sisters.. A little vulgar, but so funny... Come on, everyone has had this moment with a sister.. Even in the most modest of ways.. At least for a laugh

Funny http://rstyle.me/n/gnrsdnyg6



Behavioral Disorders. I probably shouldn't laugh as a developmentalist...but comon..."Oppositional Defiant Disorder?" That was easily cured with my mom's DEATH STARE.


I ♥ Santa, but the made me LOL!!

I am a card carrying member!

Absolutely hilarious blog about nursing. A must enjoy for nurses!


the "i" in team. too funny

25 Hilarious Windshield Notes.