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Garden for the kids.


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<3 so pretty AND tidy! <3 #yard

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Make a garden picket fence from pallets

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Build a garden that rocks: Turn plain stones into a whimsical surprise | Dallas-Fort Worth Lifestyles News - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News

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How to build a Garden Fence :

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A gnome home. Such a cute garden idea

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thrift shop bird houses for the elementary schools. have each painted by a super start student of the month


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Use a Fence. When all else fails, protect your beds and borders with a low fence. Here, a low picket fence was all that was required to keep this bouncy bruiser at bay. You'll be surprised at how even the most meager fence can be a visual barrier for your dog. Here's a Hint: Check your fence once a month to be sure your pet hasn't dug an escape route or gnawed a hole through a hidden corner.

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for the garden

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I prefer things to look a little more natural but I like the idea of the hanging baskets on fence....just not this many!

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simple fence. Just a few posts, use 2x4s or similar to connect posts, then staple chicken wire into the frame this creates. from Designing Domesticity

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More fencing ideas

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Deer-proof vegetable garden

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Deer-proof vegetable garden A graceful, tall fence keeps deer out of this edible garden in the country. When you garden in deer country, growing vegetables can be a real challenge. To keep out high-jumping deer, many gardeners surround their crops with tall fences that have the look of a maximum-security prison.

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birdhouse_fence - That's a bit cruel. There don't seem to be any actual houses. Surely one or two of them could be real.

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Spruce Up Your Fence with Hanging Pots — DIY Ideas

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Vertical Gardening on Fence: A brilliant idea to expand a tiny garden...

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great small space gardening

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Vegetable garden fence.

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container gardening..such vibrant colors.