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    Sure, I'll lock my dog up when you visit my house. Only, if you lock your kids up when I visit your house.


    Days like these....

    sounds like a typical day in my house

    Everyone I know is having babies and telling adorable stories about them - and I'm just over here like 'guess what my dog did today...'

    Me When I See Dogs

    Haha yup

    This is true

    somewhere - seriously though


    keep it up & you'll be the strange smell in the trunk

    That is exactly who I am !!!!

    no comment :)

    Informal poll: out of my 3100+ followers, who now looks like the models on Pinterest as a result of doing Pinterest workouts?

    Have you ever noticed That a woman's 'be ready in 5 minutes' and a man's 'be home in 5 minutes' are exactly the same.

    This is true!


    HATE it when people do that!

    Pit Bulls? Dangerous? Not as dangerous as I will be if you continue to talk out of your ignorantly informed ass.