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What Imaginary Creature (That Is Not An Animal) Are You Inside?

A woman thought to have evil magic powers. Witches are popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick.

Initation Ritual. By: http://trishkell.deviantart.com/

The Aries Witch ♈ The art of Magick ⭐ witchcraft - spell work - casting circle - pagan - Wicca

Karma always returns, if not this life then in triple force next life. you see all those who suffer horribly, its karma balancing what was not balanced in previous lives.

I saw that, karma, black bat winged cat on a skull

witch craft

78 Witch Pictures.(NSFW)

I think there is quite a disconnect between Wicca and the Witch hunts of the past. But I do agree that we should remember the innocent women and men lost for fear of witchcraft and fatal enforcement of societal norms.

Snow fairy fairy

Fairy and fantasy art images, fairy pictures & drawings, flower and butterfly illustrations from Fairies World. Fairies World, Fairy & Fantasy Art Gallery - Susan Schroder/Snow Fairy©


Witch sayings and quotes:"☆ Every women is born a Witch. It is her choice to Learn to be a Better One." ☽✪☾ Lillith's Lair ☆Anything and Everything to do with Magick & Witchcraft!

celtic witch from http://silverwitch.tumblr.com/

Ceridwen is a powerful sorceress who stirs the secrets of knowledge and wisdom in her cauldron. The potion holds all the knowledge of the world.


Witches and Personal Truth and Myteries Religious witchcraft falls under the category of mystery religions. In mystery religions the focus is not on worshiping the Gods through action and words but on.

Wise Witch

Witchy/I am the Most Powerful Tool in my Life and I will use Me Wisely.