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White Tailed Deer

A piebald deer. A piebald animal has white and brown patches rather than fur of a single color due to a genetic variation.

The Kevin Clouse Buck from Missouri is one to behold. Just take a look at the “beer can bases” on this buck! It is definitely one of the biggest bucks we have seen at Deer & Deer Hunting here in 2014. Kevin emailed us these photos this morning. Wow, what a deer. Congratulations, Kevin! Kevin was hunting in Missouri with Tombstone Creek Outfitters when he shot the buck last week …

Red deer in the mist -- juliantriesphotos via Flickr

Hunting Bucks - 2 White tailed deer

Whitetail deer

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Red deer have been introduced to other areas, including Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

Buck rub. #Whitetail #Deer

Country Treasures Wall Tapestry by Thomas Doughty at Art.com


white-tailed deer

Buck Deer

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White Tail Buck

whitetail deer

Current World Record White Tail Deer ... Harvested by Milo Hanson. 213 B&C score. Shot in 1993 in Saskatchewan Canada..

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Oh Deer!

Hunting whitetails in snow. #Deer #Hunting

White-tailed Deer Antler Velvet Peeling Gets Ugly