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    Low Ceiling decorating tips

    The Best Ideas of Low Ceiling Designs Solutions : Luxurious Living Room Low Ceiling Designs Solutions

    Molding trick for low ceilings.

    Fireplace decor,

    How to Make a Ceiling Look Higher: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Use Vertical Patterns to Good Effect - EJ

    Low-Cost Porch Decorating, from HGTV's Sabrina Soto,The High/Low Project. >>

    low ceiling tricks - This is an example of chunky molding projecting into the room and raised door openings.

    Difficult windows are lengthened with floor to ceiling drapes and excellent placement of artwork.

    ideas to decorate a room with a low ceiling to make it look higher and bigger using drapes that are hung close to the ceiling

    hang curtains from the ceiling. love this for avoiding measuring and making ceilings look really high

    Two-story family room. Tall ceilings: pick a "height line" and keep everything the same and under it. Love the chandelier and how it fills the space brought lower.

    Painted Paneling - not sure i would do this but this ends up looking clean & very nice with the design of furniture & decor

    Grey walls!

    Lovely Gallery Wall

    Mrs. Howard used high gloss treatment on this ceiling to make this room appear taller than it actually is and it looks fabulous! Here is what she said about this space, "We did a high lacquered ceiling in my living room in Jacksonville. It creates a beautiful reflection by candlelight and makes the rather low ceiling seem much higher than it actually is. " Sounds like a wonderful painting tip!!

    Create an Illusion - You can use scale and proportion to create an effect. Choose longer curtains, for instance, and hang them near the ceiling rather than just above the window trim. This gives the illusion of height and improves the proportion of small windows, a small room, or a low ceiling.

    Stained or left bare, wood makes a low-ceilinged attic feel snug and cozy. | Photo: Bruce Hemming/IPC Images | |

    hang curtains from the ceiling! because, you can! (and it will give the appearance of higher ceilings while saving you the frustration of so many measurements!)

    Hang curtains up to the ceiling to make a low ceiling look taller