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5 Styling Tips For Short Rooms

by Julia Millay Walsh
Unless you're building a new home to your exact specifications, you've got to "work what your mama gave you" when it comes to decorating. Unfortunately, you can't exactly slap a pair of stilettos on a vertically challenged room. Instead, the
  • Jane E.

    Karen Walker's living room

  • Heather Garbe

    high hanging curtains

  • Kära Knorr

    Hang the drapes/curtains where the wall meets the ceiling. Also hang artwork both at high & low places on the wall. Near the ceiling & baseboard. By taking advantage of the wall space, the walls with appear to have more surface area. Tips for Making a Short Room Appear Taller | Harmony Interiors

  • Heather Huston

    The Selby is in your place. New images of Fashion designer, Karen Walker and Creative Director, Mikhail Gherman at their home - Auckland, New Zealand - April 18, 2011.

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Similar to our existing dining room. I'd like to add wainscoting or wall boards beneath the chair bumper and add some curtains and darker colors.

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Room with the perfect composition, from the mirror, dresser, hung photographs and lighting it's perfect!

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Distressed wood Ceilings - kinda reminds me of my Granny's bedroom ceiling!

Hanging a curtain rod where the wall meets the ceiling to give the appearance of even taller ceilings in any room—just be sure the curtains sweep the floor. Highland Homes' Remington II model home in Davenport, FL. #decorating #decor

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I also hang artwork floor to ceiling. It has such impact instead of a piddly picture on a wall. If you're going to do that, don't even bother. Biddy Craft

Jess' #1 choice. Ian is not sure on the ceiling tin. Subway tile instead of grey tile.