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Our client (A.D. Makepeace) wanted a logo that reflected serenity and peace. Also, the client's positioning line "inspired by nature" was to be reflected in each individual property logo.

Altira has been designed on a large hill and KHJ gave it the positioning line "Above. Beyond." - the logo and name reflect the personality of this lofty brand.

The Longwood is one of those 1970s-era concrete high-rise structure that often feel more institutional than residential. Noticeably absent from the previous branding was any sense of warmth or homeyness. Bamboo patterns in the logo reflected a new lobby and warmer color palette for the interior of the property.

Logos for 1950s/1960s "Dingbat" apartment complexes. Nostaglia in the Vesta and Asteria logos here in Boston?

KHJ rebranded The Massachusetts Housing and Finance Authority as "MassHousing" to better reflect the personal, consumer-based business of the quasi-public agency. The old logo was the seal of Massachusetts, the new logo helped set its own brand and its own tone for the agency.

The John Hancock Tower's logo works best when printed in a metallic blue fade. In this case, it was obvious that the building itself would be the logo.

The Wingate Companies. Wingate Holdings. Wingate Managment Company... sometimes, the shorter a name, the larger the company feels. We proposed rebranding these companies as simply "Wingate" - and we created a logo of strength and precision to reflect the thoughtful, consultant-based approach that differentiates the firm.

Potomac Capital is a smaller company that competes with some of the world's largest financial institutions. Their logo was meant to show an established presence but with a personalized, modern edge.

Formerly known as Prospect Hill, Citypoint had two major competitors: Waltham Woods and Reservoir Woods. We needed to differentiate this brand by stressing that the closeness, size and density of the buildings and development plan would create a much more urban feeling than the "woods" competitors. CityPoint's logo also stresses that the property is built on a natural hill, overlooking much of Waltham and Weston.

Nordblom Company believes real estate should be about more than the buildings... it's about creating dynamic environments. The new logo pays homage to the large "N" that is a part of their 80+ year heritage, but gives it energy that seems to be missing from so many real estate developers. As KHJ's president said when she saw the logo for the first time "I love it! It's dancing"

Third Square Apartment's logo is simple and clean, but uses fresh colors to avoid the 'green' treatment that too many residential developers use for garden-style apartments.