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1960s/1970s Sun Maid raisin boxes. from the same lot as the Beech Nut cereal ...

Old Maid

Sun Light Dishwashing Soap, 1970's

Romper...came in all sorts of prints and colors...for playing outside on hot days

Old Maid card game...I remember that face! This is exactly the Old Maid deck I had as a kid...no kidding!

Sun-In...because blondes really DO have more fun:)

Sea & Ski

Old Maid card game Loved playing this!

Hot sun on metal slides, but still fun! HA HA I remember burning many a butt in shorts to go down these things! What were they thinking lol

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Remember the boxes even!

70's Lunch Boxes

Honey-Comb cereal

Beech-nut gum-my grandma always had the wintergreen in her purse. I found some at Cracker Barrel a few years ago.


A wonderfully cute 1960 ad for Life breakfast cereal. #food #vintage #1960s #ad #cereal

Vintage boxes of stationary usually scented

1960s GRAVY TRAIN Dog Food Vintage Box Graphics Illustration Advertisement by Christian Montone, via Flickr

Crayola - huge box with sharpener!

Cornflakes: a 1960s approved midnight snack. #vintage #retro #food #1960s #cereal #ad

cigar boxes In Kindergarten, we kept our school supplies in cigar boxes.