Creepy old house in Montana.

Mansion in the woods. Always wanted to create a haunted house and this would be the perfect place to do it.


This photo was taken of the interior of an abandoned Victorian house. The sky light could you imagine?

Abandoned diner though it looks awfully clean inside for something that is abandoned. What if it is diner of wizarding world?

stairs in an abandoned farm house in France (by Niki Feijen)

A magnificent staircase in an abandoned farmhouse in Belgium. What must it have looked like in its prime? It's beautiful, but I bet I would be dizzy by the time I made it to the top! :) Who could do these stairs !

Église de Belchite (Saragosse), village complètement détruit en 1937 durant la guerre d'Espagne.

A szívszaggató pusztulás után a természet végleg visszafoglalja, ami az övé.

Gallilee Steel’s NY Offices

'stairway to heaven': Galilee Steel administrative office* - Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America

Boldt Castle, 1,000 Islands, NY. Been there,seen it,love it up there!!!

Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World Boldt Castle, Heart Island, NY George Boldt bought the island, shaped it into a heart and built a castle on it for his wife, his wife died in 1904 and he abandoned the project completely.

Les plus belles photos de maisons abandonnées

Photo by Elephi Pelephi ~ Abandoned house behind Rockland Lake ~ the last owner, Josephine Hudson was an amazing woman who used to feed the deer out of her hands in the back yard. She was allowed to live there until her death.

This is in Kansas City KS. This abandoned mansion witnessed numerous family deaths & neighbors have reported violent hauntings. Better bring the holy water.

abandoned greenhouse

steampunktendencies: Abandoned Greenhouse

A greenhouse could be of pvc and plastic sheeting. This was a proper conservatory. I will never afford myself.

lieux insolites: Les 33 plus beaux lieux abandonnés dans le monde Que diriez-vous de voyager un peu ? L’homme s’est emparé du monde mais a aussi abandonné des milliers de lieux insolites qui recèlent bien des mystères aujourd’hui. Dame Nature a désormais repris ses droits et nous redécouvrons désormais ces lieux sous un autre jour…… Lire la suite »

lieux insolites: Les 33 plus beaux lieux abandonnés dans le monde

Photo : Niki Feijen

Photo URBEX : Lieux abandonnées par le photographe Niki Feijen

View Dining in style - Old dining room inside this abandoned hotel. pictures and other Images of These Abandoned Places Will Give You Chills photos at ABC News

Mansion H, Lancashire by CrocodileHunter40, via Flickr...there is no mention made of it but I totally see someone transparent standing at the top of the stairs...

Mansion H, Lancashire, England - August 2012 - Derelict Places. This home was built in There are many photos of the interior. does no one else see the man standing at the top of the stairs?