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I played piano since i was 6. It was an on and off interest to me. Now I play it almost everyday. I practice/play wiht the piano when i am bored or just want to lighten up my mood.

Praise precedes the victory. "We can all sing and give God praise when we’re on the mountaintop. But God wants us to learn to give Him praise when we’re in the valley" (spiritualinspiration).

He plays the violin. And he has a granddaughter who loves to make music with him.

piano--so thankful to God for giving me the ability and talent to play the piano, and so thankful for my parents paying for years of piano lessons and encouraging me in my practicing. :)

♫♪ Music ♪♫ music note photography I love this! This is a great picture!

My future kids will take piano and an instrument of their choice from the beginning of first grade until the end of eighth grade.

I sat in my room, completely bored. I decided to play piano. I know I'm not a 5 but my parents still made me pick up an instrument anyways because apparently it sharpens your memory. Well a whole lot that did for me, because I can't even remember a simple science equation to save my life. I hated practicing but there was nothing else to do so I started playing a song on the piano and started singing along even though I knew I wasn't the best singer. Hearing silent laughter, I turned around.

During my spare time I hope to still be playing piano, because it's a very relaxing hobby. I could see myself still play in 20 years from now!