Harry Potter

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Harry Potter

Voldemort / Harry Potter You too @Emma Bird?

Woah, so true. Helloo neville longbottom! (matthew lewis, rupert grint, daniel radcliffe, tom felton)

Ron's safe, guys.


George <3

harry potter <3

Hagrid, aaahhhh <3

District 9 3/4 - Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games - 2 AWESOME book series and movies!

To us, Harry Potter isn t just a character in a book. He is our inspiration. Through him, we have learned the value of friendship, bravery, and love.

Oh, HP, still funny.


I've probably reposted this 10 times, and will again. But it's so true.. This was the best 10 years of my life :)

boggarts like macklemore


but seriously who does that?

Harry Potter ahahahaha

LMFAO! @Candice Greenlief