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    You’re a mathemagician Harry…I don't like math one bit, but this is hilarious

    Harry Potter is just that awesome lol

    GIVE IT TO ME!!!! --------No seriously, you don't understand. I am 24 years old. But you tell me when and where and I'll be first in line with my glasses and my wand.

    I am so sorry for the word but it is just so funny

    I laughed a little too hard at this

    Sydney! Dane cook "and the shark grabbed my leg. Well how did you get away? Well I punched him and he ahh let me go! So your telling me a you punched a great white shark and the fucking shark goes ALRIGHTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't worry girl, he's going to grow up and become really good looking. Oh and I guess he becomes brave and heroic and everything you ever wanted. That's good too.

    On your average Friday night, I can be caught saying this on the dance floor. No one seems to get it but me. Should I bring a broom the next time I go out and do the lightning bolt scar? What do you guys think?

    So funny! Never really thought of that before!! bit.ly/HKptm1

    You can't sit with us!!

    This guy lives in my town, I kid you not. The add is from my local Craigslist and this picture is from my town's local memes facebook page.