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Abstinence pamphlet has the best reason to not have sex photo

Too true lol

I shall laugh myself to death at this puppy-headed monster! | 11 Ways Shakespeare Would Tell You To F*** Off

So true

Shoes = Life: 17 Signs You’re Completely Addicted To Shoes


The 11 Stages of Getting a Zit | Beauty High

But it is so true lol

I adore my own company marilyn monroe | Marilyn Monroe | it's quite alright. I just adore my own company.

It's true.

OH MY GOD!!!! I need to put that on my Pinterest!

i bet the kids don't even know the m was for music

Every time.

if you say so internet picture....i'm gonna stick with the neon workout gear

LOL, & every last inch of me is covered with HAIR! I listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack at least once a week.


Ah, it's girls like this who give the rest of us bad names....



All the damn time! Stupid welfare letting scumb bags think they can come in the ER for stupid shut and not have to pay for it.