I never noticed the similarities...Sirius Black > Jacob Black...Animagi (big black dog) = werewolf...Sirius' motorcycle that Hagrid rides to save Harry > motorcycle that Jacob fixes and allows Bella to almost kill herself on...Yeah, Harry Potter wins!!!

Hipster Lupin.

10 Points to Slytherin!


Always go with the underdog.

I happen not to have anything against Edward Cullen, but this made me giggle since so many people are on the "twilight sucks" bandwagon.

Lovely people.

Toy Story/Harry Potter Mash up. Dunno what I prefer: a snake or a Snape in my boots...

Rowling did it again!!

Can 'Twilight' Outsell the Last 'Harry Potter' Movie?

diva hp @Kate Becca

Um where can I get his shirt?

If you're havin' quidditch problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but... #harrypotter

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harry potter funny meme


...I'm Sirius

Super Sirius.

No way.