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well, might as well try

embarrassing parent texts | 15 Embarrassing Drunk Stories That Probably Aren't True - Autocorrect ...

Funny Texts

Funny Texts


Too funny!

The Proper Way To Use A Handrail. I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. I was in no way prepared for that

Other - SeanDude how drunk was I last night?Well, at one point I convinced you to try and bite your own nose.....Then what happened?You were rolling around on the floor for an hour screaming 'ITS GETTING AWAY ITS GETTING AWAY!!!!!!'I hate you more then words can express....

funny text message...

Funny text message

Hahahaha! Too funny...

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Disney princesses texts

19 Hilarious Ways To Reply To A Text (via BuzzFeed)

wow.......thats probably the most well thought out answer.... like ever

So funny!

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