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  • Kristin Folkerts

    keep calm & pretend this is on the lesson plan - For all the teachers in my life!!!

  • Athena R

    dianawallaphotography: #keepcalm #lesson #plan #teaching #education #lol (Taken with Instagram) I need a big print of this to hang in my office…

  • Sint-Lievenscollege

    Keep calm and pretend this is on the lesson plan. #quote #funny

  • Robyn Pisor-Doyle

    "Keep calm & pretend this is on the lesson plan." #education #lesson #plan #school #teaching #teacher #quote

  • Rhonda Fisher

    This is the first "Keep Calm" thing I've actually thought was funny. And so, so true.

  • J T

    Keep calm and pretend this is on the lesson plan. Teacher. School No link, idea only

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