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I was sitting on a comfy chair alone in my living room when i read Dumbledore died. I started crying and had to set the book down for a moment. My dad walked by and saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I blubbered "Dumbledore died". He couldnt understand me so I repeated myself. He said oh someone from your book and moved on. I was so mad!

This is ridiculous, but it made me giggle. @Holly, I thought you would laugh too. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

An average day with Professor Snape. I laughed way harder at this than I should have!

Voldemort’s sister…

HAHAHAHAHA omg I need to do this. He does really need a nose, sooooo

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You feel so special...

I Can't!!! Ahaahahahahahaha!!!!! XD OH. MY. GOSH. Whoever did this needs an award!!!! xD

I don't even watch Spongebob and I find this incredibly amusing. Brittney Baker

Fandom Life ||| Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock + Harry Potter

I feel so awesome when I see stuff from my school on Pinterest.

You get to make the best house based puns. | 21 Reasons You’d Be Better Off In Slytherin