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    accept it people

    lol yup(:

    procrastination is my best friend

    Not sure which board to pin this on, but I love this SpongeBob/Harry Potter crossover

    Her face in the end XD

    Voldermort nose plugs. LOL so funny! I wont be able to watch Harry Potter without thinking of this!

    Haha. XD

    Yzma? Is that you? Lmaoooo voldemort (Harry Potter) and Yzma (the emperor's new groove). Are they related? Lol evidently. How did i miss that!? Funny

    Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover- LOL I've never seen/read Harry Potter but this is funny :P

    Awesome! Harry Potter Humor Muggles u wouldn't get it well unless ur muggle born then Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldemort did send a basilik out in hog warts to kill u but some only got petrified reminds me I should watch and read chamber if secrets again

    haha so very true

    His face... XD

    HP fandom on tumblr is the best. // the third one. J k Rowling is a fucking GENIUS. NEVER FORGET THAT

    did you know funny facts - | Pinterest Humor - #FunnyQuotes<-- I don't think this is true; at least, it isn't for me. I tend to laugh if I'm angry or nervous...or cry. Either way.

    Funny & true!



    haha cant wait to do this to my kids one day.

    Hogwarts Houses

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