Water droplets on pussy-willow

Pussy Willow by liveinternet.ru #Pussy_Willow


Lady's Mantle is a lovely fuzzy-leafed plant with several medicinal uses, including stanching the flow of blood

dandelion dew

Water Droplets

Snow willow

Dandelion. Some people may call them weeds but I consider them to be among some of the most beautiful flowers of all... :)



20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures | Incredible Pictures

By Desiti

Dew drops

blue water droplets

Passion flower tendril with drops of water

teeny yogini



dew drops

raindrops on bottlebrush #6 by Lord V, Stunning macro photography from Brian Valentine, like, pin, share! http://youtu.be/KnrzjMCf5II

Macro Photography