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Jimmy Carr is concerned about New Zealand's orc problem.

Ok dont know why this is so funny. It just is. more funny pics on facebook:

Get your facts straight, CNN. Someday I will meet a man like this. I shall call him nerd, and he shall be mine, he shall be my nerd-man. *Ha ha. Lord of the Rings and Finding Nemo. I'm so nerdy.*

A day may come when I put my book down and do something else, forsake all bonds of fellowship with my fellow readers, but that is not this day!!!

So much love!! I have this on a sweatshirt from Threadless, titled "Impasse". This is pinned from The Meta Picture.

Does any of my family want to buy this for me for next year? I'd totally love you forever.

I am counting on you Gandalf. I was really hoping for that camp half-blood trip but fighting a dragon will do! Even though Percy has killed plenty of dragons like creatures

The First Mighty Trickster. I'm pretty sure that would the name of the combination of those three characters.

Laughed harder at this than I should have.