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    nerd funny

    People are awesome.

    Mermaid man and Barnacle boy driving through with the invisible boatmobile. Win.

    team gandalf or team han solo


    Funny Text Messages - ppstrongHUNGARYi am hungary./strong/p pMaybe you should czech the fridge./p pIm russian to the kitchen./p p!/p pIs there any turkey!/p p?/p p!/p p?/p pWe have some, but its covered with a layer of greece./p pEw, there is norway you can eat that./p/p

    And thus Lord of the Rings is summed up in one sentence. I dare you to read this without singing it in your head. :) So true, and yet, I'll still watch all 12 hours of the movies!


    I love Viggo's comment.

    Carolling with Yoda,....nobody liked.

    Lord of the Rings

    "Don't slip guys. There's A LOT of water over there. A lot. No, were not numbskulls, why do you ask? OUCH" Said Johnny before we was brutally murderd

    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    "emergency toilet paper" - new moon book hahahahahahaha - my tummy hurts from laughing....