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  • @ annette ☀️ :))) !!!

    Surf's Up!!!!! Hang Ten!!!

  • Moorea Seal

    Surfs up!! // Shop the Caring for Animals section in the shop to support Homeward Pet Adoption Center. Image via Buzzfeed.

  • Toni Myers

    Surfing dogs! French bulldog in first and second position, then two english bulldogs, last but not least a handsome black and tan dog riding high.

  • Amanda Lauren

    Surfing dogs! Second dogs face is priceless!

  • Melissa Wilson

    Surfing Dog Competition this takes place in Huntington Beach

  • Señora Heebsh

    Noosa Festival of Surfing Dogs: Photos

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Dogs are so into playing ball! #cute #dog Love dogs? Visit:

Hi so many people think that pit bulls will attack you if u get to close but the truth is that any dog can be taught to be mean. pit bulls are really sweet dogs

mini-goldendoodle! Saw one of these come through the drive through at Cane's and have to have one. It was the cutest dog and when I asked the owner what the breed was the name sold me! *I apologize to all who were confused about how this adorable dog might be a "Crafty Craft" he has been moved to his correct board.


puppies & Christmas found and pinned by Kelsie Salyer

Shhhhh........Silas is sleeping. He spent the nite herding a lost lamb home to his mama.

sooo. Fiance is watching Saints @ Seahawks... I tell him to look at the lower left hand corner of my screen... he says no... I said its better than football... he says No it's not... play on the field stops and he looks. "OMG ITS A BULL DOG" *grabs computer and stares at the screen* Hahahahaha. I TOLD him it was better than football.

Well.....I was walking straight home from school ....and all of a sudden...I tripped and fell into the mud. Honest, Mom, I was not playing in the mud ..

Hell's yorkie loves motorcycles!