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  • C S

    MagicMuffin - one base muffin recipe and various additions to make different muffin flavors

  • Kaylee Hyde

    Could easily just substitute with gluten free flour! Magic Muffin Mix - I wonder what would happen if I subbed EngerG for the egg whites? - Also, 1 cup Stevia? I think they mean something like Truvia, or the ones which aren't incredibly freaking strong. Regular stevia... I think they'd mean equivalent of 1 Cup, as that stuff is STRONG.

  • Samantha M.

    Magic Muffin Mix- healthy muffin recipes

  • Allison Flatebo

    Magic Muffin Mix for a smaller amount of "healthy" muffins! May have to experiment to get this gluten free. AP gluten free flour and some xantham gum should do it.

  • Mary Beth Hardey

    magic muffin mix! Do you know the muffin man?

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