• EduNSight

    Pole Dancing or $ 1000 per month, every single month...whether you continue to work or not. Would an extra $ 1000/mo make a difference for you and your family? Would it relieve stress, make bills easier to pay, and free up some flexibility in your lifestyle? Just seems like a better way to pay for school. I can show you how http://loveyourcellphone.com/

  • Melissa Paahana

    Pole Dancing thru college~Don't judge me!

  • Mattie Clements

    Funny dog pole dancing

  • Sunni Hodges

    puppy poledance ;-)

  • Susan Trenholm

    puppy pole dancer

  • Margaret Swann

    Pole dancer ... #funny #animals #dogs #smile #laugh #lol

  • Katherine Strasz

    Pole dance puppy

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