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  • Jessica Pierce

    how to make your own temporary tattoos.... Because who,doesn't love temp tattoos

  • Michelle Ortiz

    how to make your own temporary tattoos. Great idea for kids birthday parties

  • Alicia Schmidt

    homemade temporary tattoos WAYYY cooler than the real thing and super fun!

  • Jacquelyn Mohr

    how to make your own temporary tattoos. that way I will know how it looks before I get the real thing. "Do These 3 Things.... And Make Money, Every Time!" FREE Video Reveals How YOU Can Start Making Money Online TODAY!

  • Lauren A

    Make your own temporary tattoos with the Silhouette

  • Alexis Napier

    FAKE TATTOOS WITH THE SILHOUETTE - i can make these :)

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Make your own Temporary Tattoos. OMG. Very handy to do to their child before going anywhere (amusement park, zoo, etc). I am doing this to freak my mom out though. Can't wait. ;) She loathes tattoos. I love them but only have 2. I am doing the neck or the face. Pinterest, you have NEVER helped me plan a prank. You NEVER disappoint. 😊

I know you said that it's impossible to do one's that look like this and don't fade, but this would be my dream. I like the size and detail of the main bouquet that's in the focus of the picture. so maybe 3-4 flowers surrounded by a backdrop of their leaves and stems

Temporary Tattoos! I think Ill do this. Ive had a few tattoo ideas that Ive been craving but I wasnt sure where to put it or if it would look nice. Love this!

How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo | DIY Crafts Tutorials use your contact details instead!

Vintage Anchor temporary tattoo 3x2 by Inkweartattoos on Etsy

Heading out with the kiddos to someplace with lots of people? Love this temporary tattoo idea to help keep them safe. Via Weightdown Weightloss

genius idea if bringing kids to fairs/parades/amusement parks... write your phone # on child's hand and cover it in liquid bandage... temp tattoo that won't come off in water!

great way to try out a thought process, before making it permanent

I love the swallow on the foot. Not sure if I'd want to put myself through that torture, but love the idea of a temp tattoo for the heck of it.

Temporary Tattoos Tutorial-bandage will keep also keep on sharpies,colored eye liner and gel pens.Really stays on there ha

vintage poppies temporary tattoo Love this etsy, adorable temporary tattoos