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Behavior Management Techinique: Stop signs to remind students - "Please stop what you are doing and make a better choice" behavior reminders to place on student desks when needed. Includes a link to print these out. -- Take them away when they do something good. Whoever didn't get one that day or doesn't have one at the end could get a positive behavior incentive

behavior management! It gives students the opportunity to move up the chart with good behavior instead of merely punishing the negative. I love these!

OWL-Standing Behavior This is being used by my cooperating teacher and it is working great! I love how you can go up as well as down.

The thing I love about this behavior chart is that if the students get on outstanding, they get a star sticker. If they get 5 star stickers, they get a new clip that they get to color red. This cotinues as they color thier clips through the rainbow to finally get a glitter clip.

This is a very cute way for students to know exactly where they stand on their behavior for the day. This can easily be designed for any class theme. I could definitely use this in my classroom as a way to show students how they are doing throughout the day.

Class DoJo- The best classroom management system I've seen in a class while substituting. Kids work so hard to earn a point. You can also customize negative/ positive behaviors that occur in your class. All my teacher friends should pin this!