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    All so true..

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    Lol true

    Happens all the time...

    hahahaha so true

    too true

    Every time lol

    My life...

    Hate it when this happens and then my friend sees him in person and is like ohhhh girl.

    too true.

    We're True Friends.

    I adore this print - it's on my Christmas list but if I don't get it, I'm going to buy it for myself!

    Teenager Posts Of The Week: Awkward Moments With Dora And 2-Hour Long Hugs

    There are also two other girls with the same name in my class. I have this problem a lot. Alle bør lukka augene?

    TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate the laugh ...but apparently others find it hysterical

    True love right there. Thanks ems for showing me this, truer words have never been said!

    Can be funny...Until your teacher throws a stack of papers at your friend who was just sitting quietly. Lol true.

    i hate when i ask "what time is it" and they say "time for you to get a watch"

    Haha True