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Swiss Army USB Flash Drives

Swiss Army Slim USB Flash Drives Look Sharp Without Knives such a cute idea

Meet the Moto Z Force Droid. Capture crystal clear memories witha 21 MP camera featuring image stabilization, then share them quickly on the next gen network. Get yours today with Verizon.

Get Moto Z Force Droid with shatterproof display at Verizon. Moto Mods instantly transform it into a movie projector, boombox or battery powerhouse.

If you have old USB flash drives lying around, you'll want to check out these tips. Great ideas!

5 Creative Uses for Old USB Flash Drives

If you have old USB flash drives lying around, you'll want to check out these tips. Great ideas from

Lacie Petitekey: mini version of my fav thumb drive! Now if only my other keys would shrink.  #tech #design

TECH - "LaCie PetiteKey USB flash drive slim and discrete, for files of the private variety".

USB Victorinox de un terabyte de capacidad.

Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Drive -The largest storage capacity available in a USB flash drive is 1 terabyte which costs around 3000 dollars.

Lego Minifigure 2GB USB Flash Drive, but really wants this in a mini sd card reader

Lego fanatics can never get enough colored bricks or mini Lego people, so they will love this toy. The Classic LEGO Minifigure is now available as a USB flash drive. How awesome is that? This is a Lego Mini-fig with a USB flash memory drive inside.

[News] Fourth collaboration line with design office nendo! Release of USB flash drives with superb security function, in unique designs resembling paper clips and carabiner hooks

A USB stick in the form of a carabiner, used most often to attach ropes and tools for climbing and other outdoor sports. The DATA hook attaches to totebags and cables, and can be linked to other DATA hooks for easy carrying.

Wedding favors of your favorite songs on USB!

gift your groom (Mix Tape USB Memory stick. Because it's personalized, looks delightfully retro, and yet will hold 900 minutes of carefully chosen music.

Teaching Rae the value of money early  :)

The Financial Acumen Piggy Bank - Hammacher Schlemmer. This one would be for my nephew Leo, who is 9 saving for a car!