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odell robinson ~ father and son I'd love a shot of Kevin and the boys like this

Wing Young Huie Lake Street Project

so cute. there's something about guys holding little kids. back me up ladies, is this or is this not attractive?

this happens at my house pretty often- he won't really nap with me, but if he's with Daddy "in the big boy bed" it's all zzzzzzzzzzzzs

30 rules for fathers of sons. Super cute. Some, I do not agree with. "Show him that no one will ever love him as much as you do" is not true because God loves him SO much more than we ever could. And the big belly thing... pillows work just as well! ;)

I look at my kids like this and hopes for them are a plenty. My sweet babies are my everything.

Farm kids agree there is no better way to grow up than working beside your family and learning the value of hard work. I loved growing up on a farm! Values of hard work ethics are priceless, especially when started young and critiqued with age.

Love in all its incarnations brings large smiles and poignancy